i2S Engineering has expertise in wide areas. It can be summarized in the following areas,

New Product Designs
Industrial Gearboxes – Helical / Bevel / Worm
Reverse Reduction Marine Gearboxes
Bevel & Worm Gearboxes
Railway Traction Gears
Hydraulic Operated Clutches
Single Input - Multiple Output Gearboxes – Pump Drives – Power Take Offs
Hydraulically Actuated Power Shift Transmissions
Rolling Mill and Steel Mill Gearboxes
Wind Mill Gearboxes
Gears & Pinions - Spur/ Helical / Bevel / Ring Gears/ Worm
Hydraulic Pumps
Control Systems
Reverse Engineering
Cost Reduction
Updation of existing Products to meet - current standards / market requirement / weight reduction
Metrication / Rejuvenation of Drawings
Inspection / Test Witnessing / Field visits for onsite surve,y as a Customer’s resident representative
Failure analysis of Industrial / Marine and other gearboxes
FEA / Thermal / Casting Analysis